We live in a world today where people are taught they should worship money.  We have seen people who make lots of money and are never satisfied and want some more.  We have been around people who refuse God for money.  Others procrastinate to give a share of their money to people in need or even give the 10% that belong to the Lord, Almighty.  If you are identified with any of these statements then you are possessed by the demonic spirit of mammon. Click and listen to the audio message from the leading pastor of the Gateway Church, Robert Morris….

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Job and Daniel's Integrity

Integrity is defined as being honest and having strong moral of principles.  Job and Daniel are prime example of integrity as they keep faith in Jehovah even when their situation had worsened.  As was the case of Job, all his belongings along with his health was taken away and yet remain faithful to God Jehovah; similarly Daniel was thrown into a lion’s pit yet he remained faithful.  If we keep our faith just as those two, Jehovah God has great rewards for us.  Listen to the story of Job and Daniel. Primary Source: jw.org


In this podcast, you will learn what the Bible says about money.  Many true followers of God often associate money with the devil but that is not what the Bible taught.  The Bible is saying the love for money will lead to bad experiences, however one needs money to survive.  Learn more by listening. Primary Source: jw.org


Listen to watch they are not telling you about the manners God fabricated its creations.  Scientists have tried to mislead you in any way they can in attempting to hide the true nature of the Creator which is God.  Learn the truth at once. Primary source: jw.org