Although no one knows for sure when the end time of the world is but this movie is very appealing.  If you worry about end time prophesies then this end time movie is attempting to make some aspects of the latter useful to you.  Watch the movie below to learn more about the movie that is shocking the world. Credit: 2028 END youtube channel

The true meaning of love.  There is nothing worth more than anything than to love God, His commandments, His son Jesus Christ.  Also you should remember to love your neighbor as you love yourself.  If you want to have eternal life, you have to do the statements mentioned above.  Watch the video below to learn more. Credit: 2028 END youtube channel  

Jehovah, the creator of the universe exist. He is indeed the designer of everything that is included in the whole galaxy and yes that includes us humans also. The evidences of Jehovah’s existence is awe-inspiring. In this video, courtesy to, is showing all the reason to believe there is a designer after all and that the universe was not simply created by chance. Glory to Jehovah.

This film is about an ancient example that can be used as a lesson to learn from our present time.  Back then, Jehovah God did promise a land with plenty of milk and honeys to the Israelites but only those who remain faithful to Him would have the opportunity to enter the promised land.  The same can said to our time, Jehovah God promised true paradise on the whole earth but only those who remain faithful will get to live to see this majestuous wonder.  Pay close attention to this video as a lot can be learned from it as…

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King is known to have been very faithful to God and because of his faith he was promised an everlasting kingdom. His son Solomon was also king back in the days and at this moment one of his heir is king in Heaven and is soon to be king on earth. Be faithful as David so that God can reward us greatly as well.