USA and Israel

Way before the USA came to be a superpower there was Israel where God’s special sons and daughters had dwelled and from which God had made a covenant and all the people of the earth would be blessed.  At a certain point in time, Israel was longer God’s special nation but any nations whose people decide to worship and call upon the Lord (Roman 10:12). To be God’s special nation, there is a simple rule that the people have to abide by that is to worship the Lord, follow and obey his commandments as was the case for the USA but so far we cannot say much.  Chaos came to Israel when they decided to part ways with the Lord’s commandments and the USA is on track for the same fate.  Let’s do a comparison between Israel and USA.

Just like Israel, most of the people comprised in the USA came out of a revolution.  Back in Israel’s time, it was Egypt who was established as a superpower and during the USA’s time, it was the English.  In both cases, the people were tired of getting abused and they had revolted.   Likewise, with the aid of God, they both were victorious.

Back then Israel was known as the land of milk and honey and the USA is known as the land of opportunity.  Both nations were blessed and became very powerful.  When it comes to war, both nations had become so ferocious that many nations feared them.  Since both nations had God fortifying their army, five of them would chase a hundred, and a hundred of them would chase ten thousand, and their enemies would fall by the sword before them (Leviticus 26:8).  This kind of dominion of both Israel and the USA would have  remained intact only if they had continued to let God rules their hearts and follow His commandments but as we all know that was not the case for Israel and the USA is on a path for the same fate.

Why the presence of God was no longer dwelled with Israel and won’t soon be with the USA?

One simple answer is because Israel had broken their covenant promise with God by worshiping Idols and were dedicating their lives to numerous acts that were considered intolerable in the eyes of the Almighty.  In addition, they were doing so even worst than the people God had allowed them to dominate and we are seeing the same trajectory happening in the USA.  But Israel had broken the covenant many times before but God had forgiven them many times as well by showing his gracious and merciful love through many prayers from prophets before Christ.  One reason God forgave Israel is because they had repented and confessed before God and God can be forgiven toward America if they repent their sins and dedicate their lives to Christ but so far it had not been the case since we are seeing a level of arrogance never seen before and they are likey to pay a big price for it through God’s judgement.

Another answer is because of Israel’s  lacked faith.  Throughout the Scripture in the old testament we are witnesses to many situations where God’s anger went against Israel.  (Chronicles 20:20, Psalms 78:22, 2 Kings 17:14, Psalms 106:24).  There is no doubt that the reason God’s presence was withdrawn from Israel was her failure to completely trust God. In today’s world, we are seeing the same kind of mistrust of God from USA’s people and leaders.

Just through Israel, many nations received a blessing, in contrast through the USA, many nations if not the whole earth will receive judgment from God.  Maybe, this time, it will be the final judgment.



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