Ask and ReceiveYou know what the Scripture said, ask and it shall be given (Matthew 7:7).  Many people misinterpret these words as if whatever they want, all they have to do is ask God and He will automatically grant their request.  Although, it may sound as so but there are some requirements before one can ask and receive from the Lord.

  • One of the first requirements is that you have to know God. You have to know who He is and his capabilities.
  • Second, your request got to make sense. You cannot ask God for something that is morally impossible or things that will more likely allow you to sin or do unrighteous deeds.  For example, if you are a man, you cannot ask God to allow you to carry a child as a woman does.  Or if you are a man, you cannot ask God for a soul mate of similar sex.
  • Third, you have to ask for something that is attainable. You cannot ask God to make you president of the USA if you know you were born in another country.  You cannot ask God to give you a car to drive if you don’t have a driver license.  You cannot ask God to give you a ship to navigate if you have never been or know anything about the sea.
  • Fourth, whatever you ask of got to glorify His name. In what ways will you request aid in His plans?  For example, if you ask God for money, a good job, a career then if He allows you to receive money; will that money be used for showing off like buying fancy cars, clothes, expensive gadgets  or will that money be used to aid people who have not heard the word of God an opportunity to hear the gospels.  Or will you use that money to help create schools, churches, jobs, daycares, food etc.
  • Don’t expect Him to just give without you taking any kind of actions. Don’t just wait on Him; you have to do your parts.  Don’t just pray; you have to follow your prayers with actions.

Don’t just ask God and expect to receive.  And if you have asked God for something and you are still aware that He has not allowed you to receive it; then it may be that whatever you have requested for don’t serve His purpose.


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