truthliesIn the beginning of creation, the true God created heaven and earth as well as man and woman but they disobeyed Him and were sentenced to death.  A serpent came and influence both Adam and Eve to disobey the Father.  Has it ever crossed your mind who is that serpent, under whose authority did he came and defile the divine creation of the Creator (See the book of Genesis).

Many bible scholars will tell you that the serpent is the devil, Satan and his name is Lucifer.  The angel who got jealous and wanted the glory of the Father for himself and be worshipped instead of the Creator being worshipped by his creation (Adam and Eve) and all their descendants.  Jesus the first born of the Father called him (the devil) the father of all lies (John 8:44), he who started blaspheming the purpose of the Father which was to establish a true paradise of mankind (His creation).

The true purpose of the Father had been lost, it seems Satan the originator of lies is defying the Father at all level but wait the Father Himself got a plan to save his divine creation that is mankind.  There appears to be a struggle after the disobedience between good and evil, the people who will side for the Father of truth and the father of lies.  Somehow, few personnel find a way to withstand against Satan and side with the Father and that was the case of Abel, Noe, Jacob, David, Joseph and Jesus (to acknowledge the complete list see Bible).

There has always been a fight between Satan and the Father, the creator.  How do you know which one you are siding with?  Believe it or not you can easily be mistaken as to which one you are serving since they both have hidden messages and a plan for mankind.  At the end, how do you know which one is talking to you, they are both disguised and sometimes Satan can take on His traits and he knows your weaknesses and feed on them in order to fulfill his plans for mankind.  But wait, God the Father also has a plan for mankind.  Whom you worship and send your blessings, your energy can help deciding who is a winner after all. However, are you sending your energy to the right one, the Father of the truth or the father of all lies.  Sometimes, you may think you are serving the Father but instead you are serving the devil; this article will aid you establishing the truth, at last the truth shall set you free.

The only step in knowing whom between the two you are worshiping, sending your energy to is to know Jesus Christ, the teacher of the truth, the son the true living God.  During his time on the earth, he was a teacher of such tale.  There were many people during his time whom Satan had put against him to show that the Father was a liar but he proves all of them wrong, there were also many authorities including the Romans as well Jews who deny his message and he also proved them wrong and just like in the past he proved Satan and his followers wrong and it is in similar manners that today he will prove them wrong again.  Just devote yourself to the teachings of the messiah and he will help you do just that.  (To learn about Jesus the son of God’s teachings read the books of the Apostles from the Bible).

You don’t have to do anything else other than that.  You have seen the world we live in today, dedicate yourself to the truth and shall set you free.  You have probably heard a thousand messages regarding that truth, regarding God but not all messengers are teaching the doctrines of the Father, the creator of earth and heaven, the Father of Jesus and your Father also.

In the past there were many false messengers and today there are still as many.  1 John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world and Matthew 7: 15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.  Only Jesus can help you discern from the truth and the lies, just ask Him he will do just that.

Beware of religions, beware of people who claim they come in the name of God the Father and Jesus the Son, beware of Nations who claim they serve the true and only God for they are witnesses and messengers of the father of all lies.  God the father created you, humans in his image, He gave you many qualities that other beings wish they had and one appealing one is the ability to choose and freely so.

No person can dominate your choices if you do not allow, no so called gods, idols can dominate your freedom of choice otherwise it would not have been called so.  Even the Father cannot force you to choose, He created you free and free to make your own decisions.  It is that freedom of choice that the devil knows of and that is why he try to bombard you with lies and thus influence your decision making.

Remember only you and only you can conclude to a decision and to come to the right decision you need information, in one hand you have Jesus the messenger of the truth and on the other hand you have the devil the messenger of lies…which you will choose, depend entirely on you.


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